Specialist Grid Ceiling Installation & Repair Services

When you engage direct contractor A Plasterceil (Singapore), there’s no middleman-markup. So, you save at least 15% on costs.

A Plasterceil delivers quality grid ceiling installations and repairs with affordable, direct contractor pricing.

Our specialist technicians provide a one-stop, comprehensive grid ceiling resource that can potentially increase the value of your property.

Our grid ceiling services include:

  • Taking down and disposing of your old grid ceiling.
  • Ceiling panel installation and repairs.
  • Acoustic ceilings and fire-rated ceilings.

Why choose A Plasterceil grid ceiling services

We offer direct grid ceiling installation and repair services that save you money by cutting out a middle man contractor.

Other reasons home-owners and businesses choose our grid ceiling services include:

  • Technical expertise – more than 20 years’ experience in residential and commercial remodelling.
  • Dependability – we complete jobs on time and within budget.
  • Long-lasting grid ceiling solutions – we use only premium materials.
  • Our reputation – A Plasterceil constantly exceeds the expectations of our grid ceiling customers.

Grid ceilings and their benefits

A grid ceiling is a type of false ceiling installation that forms a secondary ceiling hung below the main ceiling. They can be found in many homes and business premises such as restaurants and shops.

Grid ceilings are also known as drop ceilings, dropped ceilings, suspended ceilings or T-bar ceilings.

Drop ceilings can be exposed or concealed.

With exposed ceilings, the grid into which the gypsum ceiling panels are fixed remains visible and is generally finished in colours that contrast with or match the panelling.

However, for a concealed grid ceiling, the gypsum ceiling tiles hide the grid system from view, creating a clean, even appearance. Thus, they have a more premium appearance than exposed panel and tile systems.

Pros and cons of grid ceilings

Grid ceilings are aesthetically appealing as well as functional. They conceal a building’s infrastructure while providing a key interior design aspect.

Nevertheless, suspended ceilings can be dismantled, installed, or repaired quickly and relatively inexpensively by A Plasterceil professionals, with minimum inconvenience.

Other benefits include:

  • Hiding ductwork, pipes and wires while allowing easy access for maintenance by simply removing a panel and putting it back when the work is finished.
  • Easy installation of lighting fixtures and air vents.
  • Better acoustic qualities – noise pollution from overhead floors is reduced significantly.
  • Cutting energy costs by reducing the height of the room, which means your air conditioning doesn’t have to work so hard.
  • Gypsum board ceiling tiles are fire-resistant and thermally and sound insulated.

On the downside, grid ceilings tend to be less durable than other ceiling materials such as PVC, and they may discolour over time.

Save at least 15% on your gypsum board ceiling and partition installation!

When you hire A Plasterceil, you're engaging an experienced and proficient direct contractor specialising in drywall works. Because middleman fees are cut out, you would enjoy substantial savings.

Acoustic and fire-rated ceilings

A Plasterceil installs and repairs purpose-built acoustic grid ceilings and fire-rated grid ceilings.

Our acoustic ceiling panels absorb sound to help create a tranquil environment in homes and offices, and we offer a wide range of design, style and texture options. Acoustic ceiling tiles also reflect light efficiently, which can reduce your electricity costs.

Our fire-rated ceiling tiles for industrial properties come with a PSB Declaration of Compliance certificate to show they have a 1-hour or 2-hour fire rating – the length of time they can prevent the spread of flames and smoke.

Grid ceiling repair services

A Plasterceil offers fast, affordable grid ceiling repair services for homes and businesses. We fix problems caused by factors such as water damage, moisture accumulation, and insect infestation, which can result in cracking and holes, staining, and sagging.

Grid ceiling tile installation and replacement services

Grid ceiling tile installation and replacement is far less expensive and much less disruptive than with traditional ceilings.

Our grid ceiling tiles provide a neat and tidy finish, concealing unsightly plumbing and electrics running along the original ceiling.

We supply and install or replace various sizes and types of grid ceiling tiles, including:

  • 2ft x 2ft ceiling tiles.
  • 2ft x 4ft tiles.
  • Suspended ceiling tiles for bathrooms.
  • Kitchen ceiling tiles.
  • Commercial kitchen ceiling tiles.
  • Office ceiling panels.
  • Shop ceiling tiles.
  • Modern ceiling panels.
  • Modular ceiling tiles.
  • Sound-absorbing perforated ceiling tiles.
  • Insulated ceiling tiles.
  • Recessed ceiling panels.
  • White ceiling tiles.

Our grid ceiling and ceiling tile prices

A Plasterceil provides direct grid ceiling and ceiling tile services, which means highly competitive prices because you avoid the extra cost of a general contractor middle man.

Our direct grid ceiling services also allow us to ensure the use of superior materials and maintain meticulous levels of quality control.

  • Grid ceiling installation price – starts from S$2.50 per square foot
  • Grid ceiling tile price – starts from S$7 per piece (includes dismantling and disposing the old tiles and installing new ones)

Contact us today to learn more about our one-stop grid ceiling installation and repair resource for homes and businesses.

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