Specialist Drywall Partition Installation & Repair Services

When you engage direct contractor A Plasterceil (Singapore), there’s no middleman-markup. So, you save at least 15% on costs.

A Plasterceil provides direct drywall partition installation and repair services with a highly professional finish.

Being an all-rounded drywall contractor, we can offer a one-stop solution for all your gypsum wall installation or repair needs. For instance, if you need a partition wall replacement, we can dismantle and dispose of your old partition.

Other extra services we offer include:

  • Painting your new gypsum board partition installation in the colour of your choice.
  • Creating openings to install doors and windows in your new plasterboard wall.

A Plasterceil’s false wall services for home-owners include kitchen, bedroom, living room, and bathroom partition wall repairs and installations.

Our commercial drywall installation services can be tailored to match the interior design style of your business premises, and they’re particularly in demand for office partitions to create more efficient and productive use of available working space.

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Why home-owners and businesses choose A Plasterceil as their drywall partition contractor

Companies and householders seek our drywall partition installation and repair services because of our solid reputation for:

  • Affordability.
  • Reliability.
  • Quality, eco-friendly materials.
  • Superior workmanship.
  • One-stop drywall solutions.
  • Total commitment to satisfy or even exceed our customers’ expectations.

Benefits of drywall partition installation

Gypsum board interior drywall partitions provide a cost-effective means of converting a space into separate areas for different uses, such as:

  • Dividing an open-plan kitchen to create a separate dining room or living room.
  • Creating an extra bedroom or bathroom.

Room partition in Singapore is a popular method of creating a bedroom for live-in domestic help, particularly with families in HDB flats with small children or elderly parents.

Plasterboard partition walls are also effective thermal insulators – 5 times better than concrete walls – that will improve the efficiency of your air conditioning, resulting in lower power bills through reduced use.

We can box up your aircon unit and trunking so it doesn’t spoil the appearance of your gypsum partition wall installation.

Further, the seamless, smooth surface of gypsum board partition walls makes them easily customisable to match your existing decor by painting or wallpapering.

Why choose drywall partitions over standard walls

Compared with regular walls like brick walling, drywall partitions offer advantages such as:

  • Fast installation.
  • Saving space – because they’re thinner.
  • Cost savings – drywall partitions are far less expensive to install, dismantle, and remove, which makes them a particularly popular choice in offices with a relatively short lease.
  • Less red tape – the lightweight construction of drywall partitions means you don’t need HDB approval before installation.

When drywall partitions may not be entirely suitable

DIY drywall partitioning can be susceptible to issues with the joints or tapes if it’s not installed correctly. However, you won’t get problems like this by engaging A Plasterceil’s drywall installation experts.

Other factors to bear in mind are:

  • Frequent contact with water can damage gypsum boards.
  • You can’t attach heavy cabinets or shelves to drywall partitions.

Although there’re drywall pros and cons, our customers find that the advantages outnumber the drawbacks in the hands of our professionals.

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Save at least 15% on your gypsum board ceiling and partition installation!

When you hire A Plasterceil, you're engaging an experienced and proficient direct contractor specialising in drywall works. Because middleman fees are cut out, you would enjoy substantial savings.

Our acoustic partitions and fire-rated partition walls

We can also provide purpose-built GWB partitions (gypsum wallboard) to address problems such as noise issues and fire safety.

Acoustic partitions

A Plasterceil’s acoustic partitions will improve your home or business environment by reducing noise from nearby areas.

Drywall can provide highly effective sound insulation for homes and offices, such as:

  • Soundproofing a business meeting room.
  • Isolating noise from an area where children play in the home.

Fire-rated partition walls

Our fire-resistant partitions help to slow the spread of flames and smoke and facilitate emergency exit if a fire breaks out.

We install fire-rated partitions – mainly in industrial buildings – made from drywall material that can resist fire for at least 60 minutes – 1-hour fire-rated walls and 2-hour fire-rated walls that come with a PSB Declaration of Compliance certificate.

Wall partition repair services

Our repair services can address multiple issues, and we are frequently called on to:

  • Fix holes in plaster walls – often caused by DIY mishaps or the need to access plumbing pipework or electric circuits.
  • Repair accidental damage like knocks.
  • Reverse the effects of general wear and tear on gypsum board partitions.
  • Repair moisture build-up or rainwater leakage damage to plasterboard partitions – we’ll also fix the root cause of the problem.

Our gypsum board partition prices

A Plasterceil provides direct drywall partition installation and repair services, which means affordable pricing because you avoid the extra cost of going through a middle man like a general contractor.

Our direct drywall services also enable us to ensure the use of the best materials and maintain a high standard of quality control.

  • Regular gypsum board partition price – starts from S$3.30 per square foot
  • Acoustic drywall partition price – starts from S$4.30 per square foot
  • 1-hour fire-rated partition price – starts from S$6 per square foot
  • 2-hour fire-rated partition wall price – starts from S$9 per square foot

Get in touch with us to find out more about how our expert one-stop drywall partition installation and repair services can benefit your home or business premises.

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